One of the best networking events in Gloucestershire!

50+ guests at every event in 2016

StroudNet Speakers

2 Fantastic Speakers at EVERY #StroudNet

I select 2 hand picked speakers and experts in their field to speak at every event, usually an inspirational speaker and a masterclass. All speakers deliver practical tips and advice for you to implement into your business.

If you want to speak at StroudNet, you can apply in writing to [email protected] with links to videos showing previous talks you have delivered.

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Gloucestershire Networking Event

Goodie Bags

I produce goodie bags at each event with curated gifts going into each bag. Some unusual surprises and where possible useful and interesting things rather than just promotional material.

StroudNet Networking

Open Networking and No Membership Fees

There are always plenty of opportunities to network with other StroudNet members. And there's no pressure to turn up, you can even pay on the day, although I do encourage you to buy tickets in advance. No 60 second rounds, no memberships, no single-seat categories.

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Stonehouse Court Hotel

Bristol Road, Stonehouse GL10 3RA - J13 M5